They have got them both: Abby Posner and her three fellow musicians, called «Abby and The Myth» mix simplicity with elaborate artistry. The melodies they play flow down so easily and catchy, but at the same time their structure and composition can prove to be tricky. It carries stories of enormous poetical impact, stories about what keeps most people going: love and other sometimes wondrous, sometimes strange manifestations of life. In the whole, their recent CD «Ghosts and Frames» comprising six songs, is a record full of miracles and wonders. If New Folk is ever to gain ground outside the United States and its West Coast (Abby and her allies hail from Greater Los Angeles), it must be due to the close-to-nothing freshness and perfection of this quartet.
Their are various influences to be heard. Do not wonder if you might notice a flavour of Bluegrass – Abby Posner is, at the same time, part of the trio «Fiddle and
Pine» ( which offers traditional tunes with a modern feel. The presence makes itself, as to be heard in «New Orleans». The influences are numerous, even as classic modern folksongs in the Arlo and Woody Guthrie with their flowing melodies tradition are concerned. That multilayered, rich mixture of elements, all American and all different, makes it so rewarding to listen to this music. As for the text, another modern feel grips the listener. It’s often about love, but not very straightforward, but with fairytale-ish twists and turns, broken and reassembled as in the facettes of a prism.
If you consider the input of the four musicians, it is very difficult to rank them. Abby Posner is, without dispute, the leader who, gifted with a clear and compelling voice plus a boundless virtuosity not only on various string instruments, sets the tone for the entire song. But her fellow artists display no lesser mastery. Cara Batema on the accordion is very much at the chromatic heart of all what is sounding, creating energetic and propelling motifs, charismatic and solid as a rock. Kristen Gleeson-Prata (percussion) does equally great work, very precise an far beyond any limits in her expression. Donovan Bullen (upright bass), the only male member of the band, provides rhythm and energy, always there, always felt and always reliable.

House Concert Reviews

“Abby & The Myth did a terrific show for us! The audience loved their music and stories and they made a great connection with the people who attended. I’d have them back again soon.”
-Mark Kaufman – Olympia Acoustic Music, Olympia WA

“Abby played an endearing set and drew the audience in with her engaging stage presence, well-honed talent, and memorable songs.” – Bill Hansell – Appleberry Jam Presents, Marin, CA

“Abby’s show with bass player Dony Bullen (you’ll never see an upright bass player with Dony’s moves and energy!) was a bases loaded home run. The combination of outstanding musicianship on a variety of instruments, great vocals and harmonies, very varied sets, entertaining stories/chatter between songs, and a strong connection with the audience was recognized with a standing ovation at the end of the evening. Booking and pre-show communication was very professional. If I had my way they’ll be back, and sooner rather than later.” -Bill Lippe – Concerts in our House, Seattle WA