Io Echo, One High Five and 5 Artists to Watch in 2013

By: Nick Schneider On: January 04, 2013

This singer-songwriter is the most criminally undiscovered artist out there, and by ‘there’ I’m referring to both the physical world as well as the far more influential virtual one. Her songs are so sweet and achingly beautiful at times that they belong on the soundtracks of romantic comedies (the good ones produced by Judd Apatow, not the ones starring Cameron Diaz and/or Ashton Kutcher). She has a couple EPs out along with an LP entitled For You, the Spring which was released in September 2012, but next year should be the breakout one. I consider myself a pretty typically jaded and cynical product of a desensitized, hyper-modernized, information-overloaded society, but even my irony-coated heart was melted by the blissful melodies on songs like “The Dawn” and “I Found My Way.”
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Review: Abby Posner – For You, The Spring

Abby Posner – For You, The Spring (Independent)
I suspect Abby Posner likes to keep busy. For a start there’s the teaching and the soundtracks for documentaries. Then there’s her folk-rock-bluegrass band, Fiddle And Pine, who gig regularly around her home state of California, and that’s just one of her many side-projects. Additionally she regularly performs solo, and accompanies other established artists, and, of course, she records and releases her own recordings. “The Gatherer and the Thief EP” came first in 2011, followed this year by “The Fall Sessions EP”, and her latest, “For You, The Spring”, which is available now as a download, and on 12th October 2012, as a CD.
Posner’s a fine singer with a voice that rings out clear and pure, or rootsy and country. She plays most of the instruments on her records, and she’s a first-rate string player, especially the banjo. She also studied world percussion at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), together with composition and songwriting. It certainly makes “For You, The Spring” an accomplished and interesting listening experience.
The ten short songs definitely don’t outstay their welcome. It’s all over in less than half an hour, but not a second is wasted and there are a remarkable variety of styles present. The title track, split into two parts, is both driving and gentle. “New Orleans” is energetic alt. country, “Criminal Mind” is moody folk-rock and “I Found My Way” is almost Joanna Newsom-esque, with Posner’s earthy banjo taking the part of the harp. Yet it all comes together perfectly. The production is simple and sympathetic, and the presentation authentic. Perhaps another couple of songs wouldn’t have gone amiss, and although that’s a criticism of sorts, it’s one I rarely get the opportunity to voice.
Simon M.

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Igotoshows blog – Music reviews – 08/23/12
By Jillian Lynes

An insanely talented Cal Arts kid and Colorado native, Abby is known for making everyone she meets smile and laugh – though it doesn’t hurt that her spare time is spent refining those skills in an improv troupe. Her wickedly easy charm married with her many talents (vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums…to name a few!) create an unstoppable and irresistible force to be reckoned with. Abby boasts lyrics full of whimsy, wildlife metaphors a-bound, and a voice strong but gentle. She is also the frontwoman for the bluegrass band, Fiddle and Pine (Formally known as Fearmia, see my post on their show at The Mint, 8/20/12).

She calls up a fellow friend and musician, Shane, to croon away on his saxophone, giving Abby’s indie-folk sound a jazzy twist. Kristen Cook was my date for the evening, but Abby calls her up for some sweet harmonizing during one of the numbers.
She played some of my favorites including “Moon,” “Darkest Winter,” and “The Rabbit Hole” – but be sure to catch her new stuff, due out in October.

The Ripple Effect – Music Review – “The Gatherer and the Thief”

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Abby Posner – The Gatherer and the Thief
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Singer-songwriter Abby Posner recently released her first EP The Gatherer and the Thief in Spring 2011 and is currently working on her full-length studio album tentatively titled For You, The Spring. One of the things I absolutely adore about Abby Posner is her musical versatility. Whether it’s the musical instruments being used or her vocal technique, she echoes back to the late 1980s and early 1990s of classic female songwriters such as Liz Phair, Lisa Loeb and Sarah McLaughlin. Even at times I feel like I’m listening to a young Jewel, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos.

It’s abundantly obvious Posner personifies what it means to appreciate world music using a diverse amount of instrumentation. At times, Posner sounds like the female version of Paul Simon during the Graceland period. The use of percussion in “Time to Go” is a good example.

Besides performing as a solo artist, Posner has been involved in several side project bands including bluegrass-rock band Fearmia, rock band The Paper Tigers, the experimental jazz duo East Coast West and the instrumental folk duo Bucket and String. Posner plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, drums, and didgeridoo, amongst other things. Talk about practically being a one person-band! Abby Posner can do it all.

The Gatherer and the Thief starts off with “Moon,” which highlights Posner’s sultry, smooth voice accompanied by unconventional instruments. Anyone who can use an accordion (not named Weird Al) to make a song splendid is cool in my book.

“Shame” is arguably my favorite song of this delightful debut EP from versatile visionary Abby Posner. The simplistic strumming of an acoustic guitar alongside Posner’s voice creates an incredible song you become mesmerized from beginning to end. The song continues to build and around the 1:57 mark the song just takes off with great background vocals. A must listen!

“Darkest Winter” starts off with a banjo and is a nice crossover bluegrass rock song that is the perfect remedy for an enjoyable, relaxing song. “The Bees” starts off in a similar fashion and stings you with plenty of emotions before involving into a more experimental jazz composition. Posner’s voice is a perfect match with an acoustic guitar.

“Time To Go” and “Sweet Love” are also true delights. This entire EP was a pleasant surprise well worth the wait. Abby Posner is practically a one woman band and I love anyone who is able to sing, write and play anything. There is just something about her folk/indie sound that captivates me. There are times where she seems to capture the essence of Alanis Morissette, the simplistic writing styles of Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and the attitude of Fiona Apple to create a charming, creative indie sound all her own.